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Resident Testimonials


"This area is like a "diamond in the rough." I feel like it's God's Country and I never get bored of driving to work with these amazing views. I get to experience its true beauty each day." 


-Eva Timberlake, Del Norte


"We were ready to leave Denver after 35 years of living and working in the area. We wanted the slower lifestyle, natural beauty, and solitude. Blanca fit all of these criteria and we found a lovely home under Little Bear Peak."  

-Kelley Baily, from off-the-grid in Costilla County


"This move was a pretty natural fit because I grew up in a small town. The area felt right in line with what my hobbies and interests are. I did not have to change how I live or adjust other areas of my lifestyle." 

-Vic McGary, Monte Vista


"A big positive that people don’t know about is that it's so close to so many things, such as major areas and cities. You have the opportunity to run around Colorado, experience Colorado in the summer, and go to many different places. And most of this is just a day trip from Alamosa."   

-Alamosa Resident 


"We relocated to the area for employment in 2006. Now our family is all settled in the area and we intend to stay here. We enjoy living in the area because it is a unique part of the country to live in with lots of things to experience and see."  

-Adam & Martha Lock, Monte Vista


"One of the largest positives of our move was that the small community was going to be great for my family and raising my children. I was worried that our weekends would be spent in the house with nothing to do, but I was mistaken. There has been so much happening in the Valley and our weekends have been filled with activities. I am very happy that my expectations were wrong."    

-Lilian Coll, Alamosa


"I like the small-town atmosphere, but was pleased to have access to great music, plays and other entertainment!  It is so nice to have the University here that offers so many events open to the public.  I love the people and the history!  There is so much wonderful history in the Valley and I am impressed with the number of people that have lived in the Valley for generations!  I was offered a job with the County that was exactly what I wanted so it was an easy decision to move here!" 

-Wilma Paddock, Alamosa


"We were concerned about the safety and economic conditions of the area, but since our move feel very safe and have had no real issues or concerns. We have realized that much of the information that we had read in news and online posts were overblown. My wife and I love it here and are very pleased with our move. Our main goal is to try to never leave the Valley because every time we travel away, we are reminded of how great we have it here."   

-Dr. Barton Giessel, Del Norte


"The positives included my family living here. I only came for a visit and was on my way to move to Denver for a job. I stayed because the community of Crestone has such a positive feel, is peaceful, and united. When someone needs help, help comes at no charge. When children are growing up in the community everyone is involved making sure they are safe, and that all children are valued." 

-Gwynn Busby, Crestone


"I knew about the area from my many drives from New Mexico and always appreciated driving through. I also attended the Farm Park and Harvest Festivals, which gave me the opportunity to meet and hangout with people. I also really appreciated the cohesiveness of the local food and farming community efforts to improve the area, as it applies to my work. I was worried about being socially active, but I have a very supportive community workplace who has included me." 

-Lois Harvie, Alamosa 

"My husband and myself were born and raised in the San Luis Valley.  When we got married, we left the Valley and worked throughout the United States with our jobs for 38 years.  Throughout the years, we kept our home and bought mountain property here in the Valley. We retired one year ago and came back to the Valley because of the freedom we feel here. After living in many states, there is no place that can compare to the Valley for the mountainous beauty and friendly atmosphere.  We enjoy the slower lifestyle felt in Antonito, and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities even though we can be there in a few hours when we need to go.  The natural beauty and freedom we experience as we hunt, fish, hike, garden and do various other outdoor activities is hard to beat here in the Valley." 

-Alice Duran, Antonito




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