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Brand Overview

The pyramid is a visual element that helps explain the various levels of the brand. The brand is more than the logo, there is also a voice. 

One major goal of the brand is to establish a way for tourists, residents, and organizations to develop an association for the San Luis Valley. Even though Pueblo and Colorado Springs are a part of southern Colorado, the many counties that make up the San Luis Valley are very different from these two cities. Another major goal is to help show the many elements that make the San Luis Valley unique and different from the rest of southern Colorado.

The brand is to be used by many major targets. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Tourism

  • Industry

  • Location Neutral Businesses

  • Agriculture

  • Creative Industries

  • Professionals and Workforce

  • Existing Stakeholders and Businesses

  • General Valley Population

  • Media

Brand Explanation

Watch this quick clip, with one of the VIP members, to learn about the brand and how it can be incorporated in your business!




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