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Brand Testimonials

 “DNTO was very happy to put the   SLV Logo on our web page. We get  500-600 hits a month, most from outside the Valley, and I doubt they all know where Del Norte is. They now know it is in the San Luis Valley in Colorado.”

The City of Alamosa is proud to display the SLV Colorado Genuine logo and link to the message and resources on the City’s website. We know how great it is here and are happy to share this  information with visitors, potential visitors and  businesses, and locals. Sometimes we all need a reminder to slow down and appreciate the uniqueness of this high altitude 8,000 square mile region of abundant sunshine, open blue skies, and vivid starlit nights. Thanks for the reminder!

Using the SLV Colorado Genuine logo

has helped to create a sense of place

that truly represents the entire San Luis Valley and all of the amazing attributes

of the area. The message of Colorado Genuine speaks to why businesses and residents alike choose the San Luis Valley.

We chose to incorporate the SLV brand to our site as we feel we are all one large community. Being rural we rely on each other to combine resources, which in turn creates a culture of community between neighboring towns. The San Luis Valley is vast and extraordinary, and it is important to support each other in all our endeavors. I feel like we are small communities part of a larger picture, and the Town of Moffat is very much a piece of San Luis Valley puzzle. I hope to see the SLV brand expand and create an even greater sense of partnership. In the future the SLV brand will assist with economic development by promoting awareness of other communities in the area and showcasing the uniqueness of each Town, as well as what they have to offer. Thank you for creating a brand for our mystical, exquisute, and sun-filled valley!

The City is very proud to be able to feature the logo on our website and we also include it in our correspondence.  We feel that the brand and the website are there to help people gain an understanding of the San Luis Valley and the really wonderful resources which are available here.  There is a great opportunity for new businesses to come to our community and others in the Valley, where we offer a great outdoor lifestyle, inexpensive real estate and there are plenty of features, such as super high speed internet available for both retailers and those who wish to work remotely.  Our clean air and stunning vistas provide an inspirational setting for new businesses and families and we truly are Colorado Genuine!"




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