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Getting There

The San Luis Valley is located in southern Colorado. The Valley consists of six counties and portions of three other counties. There are over twenty towns and cities that are a part of the Valley. The area is considered a high altitude and experiences various types of weather because of that. The climate is classified as an alpine desert environment. The Valley is surrounded by several mountain passes, including Blanca Peak and the North La Veta Pass. The Rio Grande River runs through the middle of Alamosa, Colorado.

The following maps will help provide a better understanding of the counties and towns included in the San Luis Valley. The second map is interactive and can be zoomed in and out.


Detailed map of the San Luis Valley.

SLVoices, is a local organization who produces podcasts for the SLV. They have tirelessly been working on a calendar of events for the entire region. We are fortunate enough to have their support and help on providing you access to  this wonderful resource.




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